We are providing ACCESS in any emergency:

ADvanced & Critical Care
Emergency Services Specialists

Critical Care

The ACCESS network delivers advanced pre-hospital care to the most seriously injured or ill patients.

We perform state-of-the-art and potentially life-saving procedures to enhance emergency medical care outside the hospital. By providing intervention as quickly as possible after an incident, we aim to give patients the best chance of survival, and best quality of life.

The most common incidents we attend include patients in cardiac arrest, respiratory failure, road traffic collisions, penetrating trauma, falls from height and other life-threatening conditions.


Our equipment is designed to bring advanced pre-hospital care straight to the roadside.


Vital signs monitoring (ECG, SpO², etCO², blood pressure, temperature)


Lab parameters (blood glucose levels, Troponin-I)


General and difficult airway management


Pediatric respiratory support equipment


Advanced cardiac therapy (cardioversion, transcutaneous pacing)


Emergency and advanced pharmaceutical intervention

Our Team

Our response teams are crewed by proficient clinicians to deliver excellent pre-hospital care in an emergency and continuous intensive care therapy for inter-facilty transfers.

Our critical care teams are highly skilled and hold years of experience when time is of the essence.

Advanced medical procedures are being carried out following standardized checklists to ensure a maximum of quality and safety at all times.

Contact Us

In case of a medical emergency, please always call your local EMS/ambulance dispatch center immediately.
A critical care team can be activated according to emergency protocols when appropriate.

  Europe: ✆ 112
USA and Canada: ✆ 911 
Thailand: ✆ 1669
Taiwan, South Corea and Japan: ✆ 119
China: ✆ 120

For general enquiries, feel free to get in touch with us via e-mail:

ACCESS critical care teams are currently in operation in Europe and Asia.